Street Watch Repairman

David is a watch repair guy who works on the street in Brooklyn Chinatown. I used to work at a watch company and he was the technician there. He doesn't speak English very well. One of his legs is bad and he uses a homemade crutch to get around. Sometimes I would pass him walking from work and feel bad about how strident I was. He was always really nice and sort of shy.

I needed a battery replacement for a watch and thought I'd pay him a visit. There he was, set up on 8th Avenue. It's pretty amazing to watch him work, his dexterity. He noticed me. After he fixed my watch I handed him a $20 and he refused. It was touching. He definitely needed the money.




First all women's wrestling event in nyc. Ludus Wrestling Center, Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Bonesaw Jesse Brooks and Sumie Sakai


Bonesaw Jesse Brooks and Sumie Sakai grapple

La Rosa Negra overpowers Hania "The Howlin' Huntress" 

Manager Ejectivo Jorge Estrella gets in a few stomps

La Rosa Negra about to bodyslam


Hania "The Howlin' Huntress" on the ropes


Ejectivo Jorge Estrella celebrates with La Rosa Negra